Marketplace Insights

  • Commercial or clinical focus
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Operational and client service excellence

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Management

  • Influence Mapping
  • Commercial and scientific messaging
  • Building advocacy

Integrated Novel Communications

  • Novel programming
  • Innovative formats
  • Leading-edge technologies

Customer Data & Analytics

  • Cleansing, validating, and enhancing existing databases
  • New data sets to for your targeting requirements
  • Supplementing existing data with additional critical information

Faculty Development

  • Moderator and facilitator training
  • Presentation skills development
  • Enhanced audience outcomes

Tactical Effectiveness Analysis

  • Promotional effectiveness
  • ROI analysis
  • Extending tactical impact

Premier Logistics

  • Experienced certified meeting planners
  • High-touch, full-service logistics from planning to execution
  • Domestic and international expertise